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Regardless of which certification (AHA or ASHI) you will take, this program will award you CME Credit Points by the Dubai Health Authority DHA & Ministry of Health and Prevention MOHAP.

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American Heart Association

15th SeptemberFriday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
16th SeptemberSaturday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
17th SeptemberSunday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
22nd SeptemberFriday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
23rd SeptemberSaturday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
24th SeptemberSunday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
29th SeptemberFriday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked
30th SeptemberSaturday9:00-13:00AED 349Fully Booked

American Safety and Health Institute

25th SeptemberMonday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
2nd OctoberMonday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
4th OctoberWednesday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
9th OctoberMonday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
11th OctoberWednesday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
16th OctoberMonday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
18th OctoberWednesday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
23rd OctoberMonday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now
25th OctoberWednesday9:00-2:00AED 199Register Now

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American Heart Association

11th to 12th SeptemberMon to Tue9:00 am to 6:00pmAED 749Fully Booked
18th to 19th SeptemberMon to Tue9:00 am to 6:00pmAED 749Fully Booked
25th to 26th SeptemberMon to Tue9:00 am to 6:00pmAED 749Fully Booked

American Safety and Health Institute

26th SeptemberTuesday9:00am – 6:00pmAED 549Register Now
3rd OctoberTuesday9:00am – 6:00pmAED 549Register Now
12th OctoberTuesday9:00am – 6:00pmAED 549Register Now
17th OctoberTuesday9:00am – 6:00pmAED 549Register Now
26th OctoberTuesday9:00am – 6:00pmAED 549Register Now

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American Safety and Health Institute

28th SeptemberThursday9:00-6:00AED 549Register Now
5th OctoberThursday9:00-6:00AED 549Register Now
10th OctoberThursday9:00-6:00AED 549Register Now
19th OctoberThursday9:00-6:00AED 549Register Now
24th OctoberThursday9:00-6:00AED 549Register Now

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15th SeptemberFriday9:00-3:00 PMAED 599Register now
13th OctoberFriday9:00-3:00 PMAED 599Register Now
18th OctoberWednesday9:00-3:00 PMAED 599Register Now
25th OctoberWednesday9:00-3:00 PMAED 599Register Now

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23rd SeptemberSaturday9:00am – 1:00pmAED 225Register Now
6th OctoberFriday9:00am – 1:00pmAED 225Register Now
14th OctoberSaturday9:00am – 1:00pmAED 225Register Now
20th OctoberFriday9:00am – 1:00pmAED 225Register Now

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The AHA serves as a leading provider in BLS CPR training programs. Meanwhile, ASHI CPR training programs follow the AHA guidelines and recommendations. Whichever certification you will take, both are approved and accredited by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) & Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP). 

No. You only need to select one certification that suits you.

So, if you have the choice between the AHA and the ASHI CPR class, which one should you choose?  The answer lies in what type of training you need and is accepted by your organization. 

Although the ASHI classes are gaining popularity, the healthcare market is dominated by the American Heart Association.  Both are accepted by DHA, MOHAP, HAAD, MOH, & DCAS.

Blended learning is also available. You take the theory course online and do the practical training in our training center for a maximum of 1-1.30 hours. Please refer to the monthly schedule below. Once registered, you will receive your username and password in your email for you to access the course and start learning.

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There is no specific requirement/documents for you to take this course. 

SaveFast Training Academy
Office 113-114, Iridium Building, Al Barsha 1,Dubai, PO Box: 47518 United Arab Emirates

Nearest Metro Station: Mall of the Emirates Metro Station

Map Link:

These courses are specifically designed for healthcare providers. If you are not a medical professional or is not working in a healthcare environment, there are alternative courses that works for you. Please click the ‘INQUIRE NOW’ button and our training manager will be happy to assist you.

Yes. this course can be use for application or renewal of license.

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