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Realtime driver self-coaching and alerts, safety management by exception

Your Solution for Incident & Injury Free Driving

GreenRoad Technologies is a fleet management solution provider differentiated by its focus on driver safety for commercial fleets. Used by more than 120,000 drivers in hundreds of fleets worldwide, the company’s products deliver a rapid return on investment based on a reduction of incidents, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and maintenance and insurance expenses.

GreenRoad’s solutions provide real-time driver coaching and alerts for more than 150 risky driving maneuvers of varying severity along with a predictive driver and vehicle analytics. The company’s mobile app-based platform is now used by thousands of mobile workforce, oil, and gas industry drivers across the globe. The availability of this digital solution makes it easy for customers to include contractors and temporary workers as well as employees, including those who drive motorcycles, within the Safe Driving program and to roll out the solution across global organizations.

ROI and Investment

Telematics Solution for Collision


Reduction in Collisions

Telematics Solution - Insurance


Reduction in Insurance

Telematics - Reduction in Fuel cost and maintenance


Reduction in Maintenance and Fuel

The Digital Advantage

Best-in-breed, all-software safety app for drivers and managers supports quick and easy deployment for all types of fleets, vehicles and use scenarios.

GreenRoad’s open-platform SDK/API enables embedding GreenRoad’s patented behavior recognition and information data into connected-car, smart mobility and OEM applications.

Telematics Solution Device

GreenRoad Edge™

Vehicle-installed solution for driver coaching and engagement

  • Non-intrusive feedback via LED lights
  • Robust support for fleets of any size
  • Collects granular tracking and safety data to support fleet operations and efficiency initiatives
Telematics Drive App

GreenRoad Drive™ App

  • Quick-to-deploy software-based solution for smartphones and tablets
  • Fast and easy installations for organizations of any size
  • Enables a gradual roll-out with a fast ROI
  • Collects granular data to support fleet operations and efficiency initiatives

Customer Success

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