Our Vision

Save Fast Fire & Safety Training LLC strives to be UAE’s leading one-stop shop for all your training needs, providing comprehensive training courses in UAE such as Fire Safety, Health & Safety, Food Safety, First Aid, Medical Courses, NEBOSH and IOSH. SAVE FAST trainers bring more than forty years of combined industry experience.

We pride ourselves on providing first-class training.

First Aid and Fire Safety

Highly Qualified Trainers

A fundamental mission for Save Fast trainers is to assist the community to
protect the lives and property of UAE residents and visitors. This is done
through many training courses offered by Save Fast that focus on health
and safety.

Approvals & Accreditations

Downloadable Approval Certificates:

Fire Simulator on Wheels

Practical by using the Save Fast Fire Simulator Truck approved by the Dubai Civil Defense,

the training can give true hands-on fire training anytime, anywhere.

  • Real live fire can be sensed and the interior can be replicated to resemble a normal working environment. Real extinguisher cylinders are used during the training.
  • Safe integrated safety systems and professional personnel ensuring the complete safety of all participants.
  • Inclusive for all levels of fire fighting training from first responders to professional firefighters.
  • Tailor made built for specific fire training needs.
Fire Simulator Truck in UAE

Benefits of Training at Save Fast

  • Onsite training 7 days a week.
  • Multilingual Trainers – English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and Malayalam.
  • Professionally approved trainers by different government entities &
    awarding bodies.

Training Gallery

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