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Accident Investigation

Introduction :

The training aims to appreciate the importance of accident investigation; to equip investigators with the general knowledge and skills necessary to carry out such activity; to familiarize the systematic procedure in conducting an accident investigation, and to enumerate the existing OSH Rules and other OSH Issuances in line with compliance on the OSH Standards.

Accident / Incident Investigation is a technique in which the Investigation or Investigating Team proceeds procedurally, sequentially, and analytically to obtain details, circumstances, reasons, and facts behind the occurrence, based on the immediate causes and more importantly the root causes determined. This technique has to be learned through training and field exercises so that the trained/ skilled persons help the organization in reaching the facts behind the occurrence. The recommended measures help in preventing such or even more serious incidents in the future.

Trainees also come to learn the legal, financial, moral, societal, and technical reasons for conducting the investigation. It is worth noting that for significant incidents, there is a high-power judicial/ technical investigation that forms the basis for changes in the law of the land.

Benefits of Accident Investigation Training

– The causes behind the occurrence help in formulating measures to prevent such or even more serious incidents.

– The organization is equipped with a band of trained investigators who can conduct inquiry investigations.

– The organization can define and chalk out more efficient roles and responsibilities, following which overall EHS culture can get a boost.

– Managerial skills and workforce behavior can be further improved based on the positive recommendation of the investigations. This course is intended for your organization’s HSE representative(s), Joint Health and Safety Committee Members, Managers, and Supervisors.

Duration : 4 Hours


Course Outline :


Learning Objectives


– Accident Investigation Definitions – Why Investigate Accidents.

– Accident Sequence Model – Interviewing Techniques.

– Role Plays to Develop Investigation Skill.

– Accident Ratio Safety.

– Legal Requirements of the OH&S Act.

– Loss Causation Model.


-Making Recommendations for Corrective Actions.

– Identify the causes of the accident.

– Apply initial response to accidents.

– Organize and analyze the information gathered during the interview.


– Recognize the importance of accident investigation.

– Recommended measures that will help in preventing such or even more serious incidents in the future.

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