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Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – Bridging

Course Introduction :

An EMT can become advanced EMT by learning higher level of patient care, medications and administration etc.

Course Objective 

Enable participants to elevate their Emergency medical skills to an advanced level, preparing them to serve as competent AEMT.

Course Outline:

Assessment and management of trauma, assessment and management of medical emergencies, Supraglottic airway, cardiac arrest management, pediatric respiratory compromise, IV and IO infusion, spinal immobilization for seated and supine patients, bleeding control and shock management, , joint immobilization, long bone immobilization

Course Duration: 12 Weeks

Approvals and Accreditations:Australian registry of EMT

Target Audience:

Staffs of Emergency department, ambulance, fire and safety, onsite emergency team, remote clinic staffs, military medical staffs and those who want to upgrade their EMT

Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training: Blended

Minimum Participants: 3

Maximum Participants: 15

Qualification Level: Intermediate

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria

EMT Certification



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