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Alertdriving takes a simple, yet highly sophisticated approach to fleet safety: The company uses online training to proactively improve driver behavior. Training Programs have a proven track record of reducing injuries, operating costs, and liability exposure for some of the largest businesses in the world, and our clients have routinely seen a 60% reduction in collisions.

SaveFast is the exclusive GCC agent for Alertdriving. Our training programs are offered in more languages and localities than anyone else. The platform has demonstrated an ROI of up to 900%, which speaks for itself.

Fleet Defence

SaveFast offers the full Fleet Defence range in the GCC region. We can deliver these solutions in regionally specific formats and multiple languages. Platform offerings include:

Micro-Learning Platform

Build custom driver safety training programs that include individualized driver learning plans using content from one of three distinct training curriculums:

  • Professional series that consists of full 15-minute lessons and a comprehensive knowledge assessment
  • Essentials series that covers core safe driving topics in 5-minute lessons; and
  • Express series that features narrowly focused 1-minute snippets

Identify Driver Risk Across your Entire Fleet

  • Hazard Perception 360’s enhanced video quality and size offer a clean, interactive user interface with a 360-degree view around a vehicle, as well as easy-to-follow text descriptions.
  • The risks depicted in Hazard Perception are not simulations. The assessment uses actual footage shot on local roads, ensuring a realistic, culturally relevant experience wherever your drivers train.
  • Once the risk assessment begins, it evaluates how quickly drivers identify the most serious hazard in each scene to 1/10th of a second.
  • Next, a theory-based section sets questions on the key behavioral deficiencies behind leading crash causes.
  • After drivers have finished, the system will map course assignments to areas of assessed risk specific to each trainee.

4 Reasons to Use Hazard Perception 360

Hazard Perception 360 assesses drivers for high-risk behaviors in six core competency areas.


Hazard Perception is cost- effective way to efficiently allocate a fleets training budget


Its also a simple, fast and accurate method of pinpointing the most at-risk drivers


Hazard Perception is cost- effective way to efficiently allocate a fleets training budget


Since it works on any tablet or computer, drivers can train anytime, on their own time.

How does it Work?

Hazard Perception 360 assesses drivers for high-risk behaviors in six core areas

Driver Attitude

People’s behavior is the direct result of their attitude. Are your drivers taking unnecessary, unsafe risks that could lead to severe injury or death?

Danger Zones

Are you seeing high collision rates at intersections and in parking lots? With so little space and time in danger zones, awareness is often a driver’s first defense

The Other Motorist

Do your drivers understand how to anticipate hazards? Awareness of the position and actions of other motorists is an essential skill to avoid potential hazards.


Are your drivers effectively scanning the roadway and surroundings, in addition to their mirrors? Defensive scanning is critical to anticipate potential crash situations.

Alertdriving: Highway Driver Safety Pack

This comprehensive course equips drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate highways safely…..

Price: AED 199

Alertdriving: Power Two-Wheeler Safety Pack

Designed specifically for riders of powered two-wheelers, this course focuses on enhancing safety awareness ….

Price: AED 199

Alertdriving: Urban Driver Safety Pack

Navigating city streets can present unique challenges for drivers. This course addresses the complexities of urban driving…

Price: AED 199

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