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Basic Food Safety in Dubai
Basic Food Safety Training | DM Approved

Basic Food Safety Training course is designed to help the food businesses comply with Dubai Municipality Regulation, which requires food safety training to businesses to ensure that any employee who handles food is trained in Basic Food Safety.


To impart adequate knowledge in the safe handling of food and to achieve the most relevant good hygiene practices pertaining to the basics of food safety and good hygiene practices in food businesses.


Entities including food establishments, service providers and equipment and product suppliers must register on Foodwatch

Upcoming Schedule 

12th June 2024Wednesday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details
20th June 2024Thursday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details
4th July 2024Thursday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details
11th July 2024Thursday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details
17th July 2024Wednesday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details
24th July 2024Wednesday9:00-16:00AED 14920View Details


Key learning points:

• Common food hygiene Terminology
• Food Safety Law and Legislation
• Food Safety Hazards
• Bacteria
• Temperature Danger Zone
• Food Poisoning
• Cross-Contamination
• Spoilage and Preservation of Food
• Measures and Controls throughout the flow of food in Operation
• Good Hygiene Practices
• Pest Infestation signs
• Waste Disposal
• Stages of Cleaning and Disinfection

Target Audience

All food handlers working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, cafeteria, catering, manufacturing, processing companies, food warehouses and stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hospital kitchens, meat & fish stall operators, food transport drivers, maintenance staffs, housekeeping staffs, stewarding staffs and any person involved directly with food in Dubai, should attend this course in line with the requirements of the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality.


• Introduction to Food Safety
• Benefits of good Food Hygiene
• Costs of poor Food Hygiene
• Food safety Hazards and their Control
• Factors for Bacterial growth and their Control
• Food safety Control Measures in Operation
• Personal Hygiene Practices
• Pest Control methods and Prevention of Pest Infestation
• Waste Disposal
• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Food Safety Legislation.


The examination will be conducted at the end of the session, which has 35 multiple choice questions and a time duration of 35 minutes. The minimum percentage to pass the examination is 75%.

Approvals and Certifications

Save Fast Basic Food Safety Training is approved and accredited by Highfield and Dubai Municipality

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