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crane and rigging
Crane and Rigging Safety

Introduction :

Confined Spaces Awareness Training is specifically designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for working in confined spaces. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and practical exercises, participants will learn essential procedures and safe working practices, ensuring they can confidently navigate and operate within confined spaces. The course enhance your understanding of confined space safety and protect yourself and others in potentially hazardous environments.


Duration : 4 Hours


Course Outline :

– Introduction to Confined Spaces: Exploring the various types of confined spaces encountered in industrial environments.

– Hazard Identification and Control Measures: Understanding the different hazards associated with confined spaces and implementing effective control measures to mitigate risks.

– Entry and Exit Processes: Learning the proper procedures and protocols for entering and exiting confined spaces safely.

– Confined Space Monitoring Techniques: Mastering the techniques and tools used to monitor and assess the conditions within confined spaces.

– Roles and Responsibilities: Understanding the specific roles and responsibilities of authorized attendants and entry supervisors in ensuring safe operations within confined spaces.

– Permit-to-Work System: Familiarizing participants with the permit-to-work system, a vital component of confined space safety management.

– Emergency Preparedness: Developing a comprehensive understanding of potential emergencies that may arise within confined spaces and the appropriate procedures for managing such situations.

– Emergency Procedures: Learning the necessary steps to be taken in emergency situations within confined spaces, including evacuation protocols and communication methods.

– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Understanding the importance of utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment and its proper usage within confined spaces.

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