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Probelm Solving & Descioin Making
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Duration : 10 Hours

Course Overview: 

We are constantly faced with problems that require us to make decisions that are mostly reached without a complex decision-making process: are we hungry? We decide to eat. But some problems are more complex, such as prioritizing or determining why a process fails and what to do. These issues require a rational approach to resolving them. Sometimes, things get more complicated, or our decisions can significantly affect our lives, jobs, or those around us. Other times the problem is so unusual that it challenges rational and critical thinking; here lies the importance of objectively analyzing to formulate a decision, and here is when creative problem-solving and decision-making become invaluable tools.

This course covers the most important creative problem-solving and decision-making approaches. By understanding the mechanisms of thinking and providing the relevant methods and tools practiced during the sessions, participants will become more confident in solving problems and making decisions at work or in life, from simpler situations to more difficult or complex ones.


Course Objective: 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Learn and apply appropriate problem solving and decision-making processes and methods
2. Identify common challenges / biases to effective problem solving and decision making
3. Assess conceptual blocks and significant situational challenges which lead to bad decisions
4. Apply these learnings to enhance leadership development and organizational performance
5. Learn different types of thinking –5.  Critical thinking / Divergent thinking / Convergent thinking and use it for effective problem solving

Target Audience:

Individuals at all levels looking to become more efficient, confident, and productive in the corporate world and in their personal lives must attend this program.

Business intellectuals, policymakers, trend-setters, organizers, top management, managers, supervisors, project managers and executives would require these practical sessions to improve their problem solving skills.  This program is a must attend for those aspiring for any leadership role.

Course Outline:

Problem-solving and Decision-making

⦁ Definition of problem, problem-solving, and decision-making
⦁ The relationship between creative problem-solving and decision-making
⦁ The helicopter views
⦁ The six-step method in problem-solving
⦁ Team problem solving
⦁ The link between causes and symptoms

The Rational Approach to Problem-solving (Kepner & Tregoe)

⦁ Defining the problem
⦁ Writing a problem statement
⦁ Techniques for recognizing problems
⦁ Six critical questions to clear out
⦁ The rational approach
⦁ Kepner & Tregoe’s approach to problem-solving

Problem Analysis Supplementary Tools

⦁ Root cause analysis
⦁ Corrective actions
⦁ The five-why process
⦁ The cause-and-effect diagram
⦁ Pareto analysis

Decision-making Supplementary Tools

⦁ Effective decision-making
⦁ Why-Why analysis
⦁ The How-How method
⦁ The decision analysis worksheet
⦁ Approaches to team decision-making

Creativity and Problem-solving

⦁ Uses of creativity as a business tool
⦁ Lateral thinking
⦁ Mental blocks to creative thinking and ways to overcome them
⦁ Brainstorming
⦁ The six thinking hats

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