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ECG Technician

Qualification Level: Entry Level

Course Introduction: 

Specialized training focusing on electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation and procedures.

Course Objective: Equip participants with skills in conducting and analyzing ECGs accurately.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to ECG Technology:
Overview of the role and responsibilities of an ECG Technician
Introduction to the electrocardiogram and its significance in healthcare
2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiovascular System:
Understanding the structure and function of the heart
Overview of the cardiovascular system
3. Principles of Electrocardiography:
Basics of electrical conduction in the heart
Understanding the ECG waveform and intervals
4. ECG Equipment and Lead Placement:
Familiarization with ECG machines and electrodes
Proper placement of leads for standard ECG recordings
5. Recognizing Normal and Abnormal ECG Patterns:
Identifying normal ECG waveforms and intervals
Recognizing common abnormalities and arrhythmias
6. ECG Procedures and Protocols:
Performing standard 12-lead ECGs
Stress testing and Holter monitoring procedures
7. Holter Monitoring and Ambulatory ECG:
Understanding ambulatory monitoring techniques
Analyzing and interpreting Holter monitor recordings
8. Exercise Stress Testing:
Introduction to exercise stress testing procedures
Monitoring patients during stress tests
9. Troubleshooting and Artifacts:
Identifying and troubleshooting common technical issues
Recognizing and minimizing artifacts in ECG recordings
10. Patient Interaction and Communication:
Developing effective communication skills with patients
Addressing patient concerns and providing clear instructions
11. Infection Control and Safety:
Adhering to infection control practices in ECG procedures
Ensuring the safety of patients during testing
12. Legal and Ethical Considerations:
Understanding legal and ethical aspects related to ECG testing
Maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy
Guidance on preparing for the AMCA ECG Technician certification exam
13. Continuing Education and Professional Development:
Information on maintaining certification and pursuing additional training or specializations

Course Duration: 100 Hours

Target Audience: Individuals interested in becoming ECG technicians or healthcare professionals.

Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training: Practical hands-on sessions combined with theoretical learning online.

Minimum Participants: 5

Maximum Participants: 15

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria: High school diploma or equivalent, basic medical knowledge

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