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Emergency Preparedness and Response Training Level 2

Introduction :

This course will give attendees a greater understanding of the Emergency Response Planning and implementation process and builds upon the basic ERP course


Duration : 1 Day

Objective : 

Understand the key elements of Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning. Understand the importance of adequate risk assessment and control measures. Develop the knowledge required to oversee and deliver effective Emergency Response Plans. Understand the key elements of developing an Emergency Response Command Hierarchy. Understand how to effectively manage and implement Evacuation and Emergency response procedures. Understand and demonstrate effective leadership in the event of an emergency.

Target Audience :

For middle and senior management and for those staff who, as part of their duties be required to take part in the Emergency Response planning and delivery process


Course Outline :

  • Crisis Management Philosophy and Risk Management through Assessment & Mitigation Strategies
  • Basic Principles and Types of Emergency Response (Summary)
  • Hierarchy of Risk, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Contro
  • Disaster Management and ERP Programs
  • Importance of effective Planning and preparation for emergency response
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Crisis Management and Emergency Response Teams
  • Tools & Techniques for Crisis Management & Emergency Response Teams
  • Training & Development of Emergency Response Teams
  • Emergency and Readiness Program S & Emergency drills
  • Essentials of Organizational Resilience
  • Actions During Emergency and Post-Emergency Response
  • People & Asset Evacuation Systems
  • Developing Reporting and Communication Systems
  • Communication Paths & Ensuring Responsibility and Accountability
  • Crisis Management Operational Leadership & Recove

Certification :

On completion of the course and its accompanying assessment a certificate of achievement is provided, valid for 2 years


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