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emergency procedure
Emergency Response Procedure

Introduction :

Emergency is a sudden occurrence, unexpected and undesirable, but requires immediate, prompt and direct handling. In emergency situations, an organization must be ready to deal with and respond to it. According to ISO 45001:2018, organization’s must establish, implement and maintain the processes needed to prepare and respond to potential emergency situations, which includes providing training for the planned response


Duration : 4 Hours


Course Outline :

• Basic Principles of Emergency Response

• Definition and Types of Emergency Response

• Planning and preparation for emergency response

• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control

• Disaster Management and ERP Programs

• Establishment of an Emergency Response Team (ERT)

• Organizational Structure, Roles, Responsibilities and Authority

• Emergency and Readiness Procedures (ERP)

• Emergency and Readiness Program (ERP)

• Emergency drill

• Actions During Emergency and Post-Emergency

• People Evacuation System • Asset Evacuation System

• Crisis Recovery and Management

• Reporting and Communication Systems

• Communication Path

• Reporting and Accountability Systems

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