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Food & Beverage Service Training
Food & Beverage Service and Sales Techniques

Food & Beverage Service Training and Sales Techniques provide the fundamentals needed for a solid foundation in Food & Beverage Service. Upon completion of this course, students will have the skills needed to work autonomously and/or in a team environment in the service industry.

Focused on operational skills, students will learn how to deliver standard meal set-ups and procedures, complete documentation used in F&B operations and gain an understanding of the basics of menu-knowledge and different types of service.

Students will also receive an overview of standard invoicing systems and sales methodologies used in hospitality and F&B operations. The student will learn ordering techniques, upselling skills, effective sales communication and after-sales service within the overall sales cycle all aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.

Learning Objectives


  • List the steps and main standard operating procedures of:
    – Breakfast service
    – Buffet service
    – Brunch Service
  • Define characteristics of basic and informal F & B
    Name the various cleaning products and materials common to F&B operations.
  • Identify the different documents and checklists used in F & B
  • UnderstandtheprocessofsuccessfullytakingordersinF&Boperations.
  • Explain the different phases of sales in hotels and restaurants
  • Understand how a POS system can be used in restaurants to increase operational efficiency.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of payment methods.
  • Understand the meaning of after-sales
  • Understand the importance of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


  • Perform the trolley service effectively and
  • Illustrate different basic and informal table
  • Practice cleaning of various facilities and work areas commonly attended by F&B service staff.
  • Explain a menu to
  • Handle customers’ enquiries on food and beverages during breakfast, brunch, and buffet services.
  • Work in accordance with the legislation regulating F & B
  • Take the order at the table efficiently to ensure customer
  • Use sales promotion techniques at points of
  • Apply aspects of communication to influence sales and apply techniques of up-selling for beverages.
  • Use POS systems to take orders


  • Demonstrate the ability to work in F&B operations both autonomously and in a team.
  • Explain the role of checklists in the process of F&B service quality assurance.
  • Defend the importance of the cleaning and maintenance processes for the preservation of the value of equipment and facilities.
  • Recognize the importance of legislation regulating F & B services and the consequences of breaking them.
  • Relate the successful sale of an F&B product to the competencies of the service staff.
  • Recognize one’s own limitations and points of improvement in taking orders as well as promoting F&B products.

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