Course Details


hazard communication
Hazard Communication (Hazcom)

Introduction : The aim of the course is to provide employees with the knowledge and information required to prevent harm from exposure to hazardous substances.


Duration : 4 Hours


Approvals and Accreditations: KHDA


Minimum Participants: 12


Maximum Participants: 20


Certificate Validity: 1


Course Outline: 

  • Definitions of Occupational Health
  • Key duties of employers and employees
  • Classification of Health Hazards
  • Airborne Contaminant
  • The physiological effects of chemical
  • Legal control regulations (COSHH)
  • Chemical route of entry and health effect
  • Managing Chemicals Safely (Identifying chemical in workplace, SDS, Labels and Hazard Pictograms)
  • Chemicals Risk Assessment
  • Exposure limits of Chemicals
  • Chemical Hazards Control Measures
  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Spill Control
  • Emergency Response

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