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Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Introduction : Hazardous energy exists in many forms across a diverse range of industries. Lockout and Tagout (or LOTO) is necessary to prevent the accident release of such hazardous energy. Lockout and Tagout standards require hazardous energy sources to be isolated and rendered inoperative before maintenance or servicing work can begin, therefore preventing the devastating injuries and deaths caused by unexpected energization.


Duration: 4 Hours


Approvals and Accreditations: KHDA


Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training: Both


Minimum Participants: 12


Maximum Participants: 20


Certificate Validity: 1


Course Outline: 

  • Introduction
  • Safety Video
  • Review regulations
  • Main causes of Lockout Tag out injuries
  • Hazardous energy sources
  • Types of devices
  • Safety procedures / logs
  • Safe removal of Lockout
  • Temporarily re-activating equipment procedures
  • Maintenance of the Lockout Tag out
  • Personal Protective Equipment

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