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Medical Administrative Assistant

Qualification Level: Entry Level

Course Introduction: 

Specialized training in administrative tasks within a medical office or healthcare setting.

Course Objective: Develop skills in medical billing, scheduling, record-keeping, and office management.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Medical Administration:
Overview of the role and responsibilities of a Medical Administrative Assistant
Introduction to healthcare settings and organizational structures
2. Medical Terminology:
Building a foundation in medical vocabulary
Understanding common medical abbreviations and terms
3. Medical Office Procedures:
Scheduling appointments and managing calendars
Telephone etiquette and effective communication
4. Health Insurance and Billing:
Introduction to medical insurance terminology
Basics of billing and coding procedures
5. Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management:
Understanding and navigating electronic health record systems
Data entry and record maintenance
6. Patient Registration and Check-In/Check-Out Procedures:
Greeting patients and verifying their information
Coordinating patient check-in and check-out processes
7. Medical Office Ethics and Law:
Understanding legal and ethical considerations in healthcare administration
HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality
8. Communication Skills:
Developing effective communication skills with patients and healthcare professionals
Handling difficult situations and conflict resolution
9. Medical Coding Basics:
Introduction to medical coding systems (e.g., ICD-10, CPT)
Assigning codes to medical procedures and diagnoses
10. Medical Billing Procedures:
Understanding billing processes and claims submission
Handling insurance denials and appeals
11. Financial Management in Healthcare:
Managing medical office finances
Budgeting and financial reporting
12. Time Management and Organization:
Prioritizing tasks and managing workloads efficiently
Time-saving strategies for administrative tasks
13. Medical Records Management:
Maintaining and organizing patient records
Record retention and disposal policies
14. Office Technology and Software:
Familiarization with common office software (e.g., Microsoft Office)
Learning specialized healthcare software applications
15. Professional Development and Continuing Education:
Opportunities for career advancement and specialization
Importance of ongoing professional development
16. Review and Certification Exam Preparation:
Comprehensive review of course material
Practice exams and quizzes
Guidance on preparing for the Medical Administrative Assistant certification exam
17. Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Exam:
Information on scheduling and taking the certification exam

Course Duration: 120 Hours

Target Audience: Individuals aspiring to work as medical administrative assistants or healthcare administrators.

Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training:Blended approach with online modules and practical exercises.

Minimum Participants: 5

Maximum Participants: 20

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria: High school diploma or equivalent, basic computer skills

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