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Silica and Asbestos Awareness

Introduction: Asbestos and Silica Awareness training will prepare construction staff who may come into contact with ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) and minimize exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS). It helps managers and workers recognize and avoid exposure to dangerous situations and comply with legislative and licensing requirements for Asbestos and manage possible exposure to RCS. In recent years there’s been a growing concern over the health impacts of exposure to silica dust and asbestos. This training aims to provide asbestos and silica awareness training to people in all industries.


Duration: 4 Hours


Approvals and Accreditations: KHDA


Target Audience: Construction & Manufacturing


Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training: Live/Virtua;


Minimum Participants: live/Virtual


Maximum Participants: 10


Certificate Validity: 20


Course Outline: 

Course Outline: Asbestos and Silica Awareness (4-Hour Course)

Module 1: Introduction to Asbestos and Silica (30 minutes)

– Understanding the history and usage of asbestos and silica

– Identifying common products and materials containing asbestos and silica

– Recognizing the health hazards associated with asbestos and silica exposure

Module 2: Health Effects and Risks (30 minutes)

– Exploring the respiratory and other health conditions caused by asbestos and silica

– Understanding the long-term consequences of exposure

– Identifying high-risk occupations and industries for asbestos and silica exposure

Module 3: Regulations and Compliance (30 minutes)

– Familiarizing with international, national, and local regulations governing asbestos and silica

– Comprehending permissible exposure limits (PELs) and action levels

– Understanding the role of regulatory agencies and enforcement procedures

Module 4: Risk Assessment and Management (1 hour)

– Conducting risk assessments to identify potential asbestos and silica hazards

– Implementing control measures to minimize exposure risks

– Developing effective safety programs and procedures for handling asbestos and silica-containing materials

Module 5: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (30 minutes)

– Understanding the importance of PPE in preventing asbestos and silica exposure

– Identifying suitable respiratory protection, gloves, and other necessary PPE

– Learning proper selection, use, and maintenance of PPE for different work scenarios

Module 6: Safe Work Practices (1 hour)

– Establishing safe work practices and protocols for working with asbestos and silica

– Implementing proper containment, removal, and disposal methods for asbestos-containing materials

– Applying engineering controls and ventilation techniques to minimize silica exposure

Module 7: Emergency Response and Reporting (30 minutes)

– Developing emergency response plans and procedures for asbestos and silica-related incidents

– Understanding the appropriate steps to take in case of accidental exposure

– Reporting incidents and near misses to ensure proper documentation and preventive measures

Module 8: Summary and Best Practices (30 minutes)

– Summarizing key points covered in the course

– Analyzing real-life case studies and success stories in managing asbestos and silica risks

– Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement in asbestos and silica awareness and prevention


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