Course Details


Welding, Cutting and Bracing

Introduction: The Welding Safety training course helps an organization implement effective, safe work practices to protect its employees from welding hazards.


Duration: 4 Hours


Approvals and Accreditations: KHDA


Mode of Training: Virtual/Live Training: Both


Minimum Participants: 12


Maximum Participants: 20


Certificate Validity: 1


Course Outline: 

  • Introduction to welding safety
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Types of welding
  • PPE requirements for welders and non-welders
  • Categories of combustible materials
  • Types of hazards
  • Prevention guidelines
  • Information about hot work permits
  • Risks including contact burns, radiation, and welding fumes
  • Operational control and practices
  • Welding Best Practices and Precautions

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